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Table 4 Clusters of genes that were up- or down-regulated during diapause

From: Transcriptomics of diapause in an isogenic self-fertilizing vertebrate

Gene Cluster List of Genes No. of Dataa Diapause versus
   pre-Diapause post-Diapause
Cardiac and Skeletal Muscle bag3, myh2, mylk2, myo18b 21 UPb (1.5) UP (1.9)
Immune System a2m, c4a, hla-a, ifitml, mlfl, rhcg 27 UP (2.4) -c
Extracellular Matrices (ECM) tecta, clip2, comp, ctsl, col2a1, col9a1, colllal, col4a3bp, collOal, dspp, mucl, muc2, postn, tnc 237 - DOWNd (−3.2)
Respiration arg2, mt-atp8, mthfd2, mtco3, egln3, gimap4, hbal, hbb, irgm, ucp2, mpo, mt-nd2, noxl, ptges3, atpla2, tbxasl 126 - DOWN (−1.6)
Development teml, adm, faml23a, litaf, celal, fmnll, igfbp4, ill2b, mkl67, matnl, rbp2, bsphl, sqstml, spaca4, eed 114 - DOWN (−1.7)
Other Cellular and Enzymatic Processes agr2, agxt2l, asmt, c100r11, calu, hhat, nans, natterin-3, odcl, zg16 63 - DOWN (−3.4)
Hormones entpd5, fshr, sult2b1, zpldl 36 - DOWN (−3.5)
Toxin-like Proteins lntx-77, lntx-id, neovtx, rtx-s II, sntx 33 - DOWN (−4.0)
Cytoskeleton actal, actxl, ckap4, filipl, nlrp2, plsl, tubb 30 - DOWN (−2.3)
Ion Binding calr, hpx, umod 30 - DOWN (−4.3)
Protein Modification camk2nl, dusp27, mkrnl, fkbp9, gls2, klhl30, klhl38, mylk4, itgblbp3, papln, fkbp9, pdia4, tgm2, tgm3, ppp5c, prss2, tat, ubb, ubl5, ubell2, uhrfl 114 - -
Nucleic Acid Modification banfl, cmpkl, eeflal, mafb, muc5ac, myc, nfe2l1, papss2, pprcl, rcll, rn7sk, rps4yl, setdbl, slc28a3, srrm2 93 - -
Carbohydrate Modification b3gnt3, chia, ctl, floll, gale, gmds, nptx2, ugt2b17 54 - -
Environmental Responses faml34b, hspala, hspbl, mss5l, ota, per2, prrtl 51 - -
Cell Signaling cirhla, fbxo32, hhat, plaur, ywha, putative GPI-anchored proteins 30 - -
Transporter Functions fabp6, kpna2, slc15a1, slclal, tapl, tm4sf1 24 - -
Unknown n/a 381 - DOWN (−2.0)
  1. aNo. of Data are from 3 diapause replicates and 3 genome/transcriptome references (RPKM and fold change data are listed in the Supplementary document);
  2. bAVERAGE(Log2(FoldChange)) ≥ 1.5;
  3. c-1.5 < AVERAGE(Log2(FoldChange)) < 1.5;
  4. dAVERAGE(Log2(FoldChange))≤1.5