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Table 1 Genes involved in tandem duplication

From: Genome-wide analysis of WRKY transcription factors in white pear (Pyrus bretschneideri) reveals evolution and patterns under drought stress

Tandem duplicated genes Group Chromosome
Pbr029794, Pbr029797 1 scaffold503.0
Pbr029330, Pbr029332 1 scaffold491.0
Pbr019026, Pbr019030 2a Chr8
Pbr020001, Pbr020000 2a Chr15
Pbr029304, Pbr029307 2c scaffold490.0
Pbr021938, Pbr021935, Pbr021930 2c Chr8
Pbr006376, Pbr006380 2c scaffold1326.0
Pbr032698, Pbr032702 2c scaffold591.0
Pbr015073, Pbr032444 2d Chr6
Pbr018132, Pbr018122 2d Chr9
Pbr009294, Pbr009274 2d Chr15
Pbr007956, Pbr007949 2e Chr7
Pbr002913, Pbr002914 3 Chr7
Pbr001238, Pbr001243, Pbr001239, Pbr001240 3 Chr12
Pbr001424, Pbr001425 3 Chr12