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Table 1 Summary of data generated in the transcriptome sequence of jute

From: De novo transcriptome sequence and identification of major bast-related genes involved in cellulose biosynthesis in jute (Corchorus capsularis L.)

Samples Raw reads Clean reads Clean bases Error(%) Q20(%) Q30(%) GC(%)
left.fq 41,242,545 39,877,300 3.99G 0.02 98.68 95.6 43.45
right.fq 41,242,545 39,877,300 3.99G 0.03 97.85 93.87 43.51
CK_JSB 8,269,487 8,260,313 0.62G 0.03 94.62 87.84 43.13
  1. For one paired-end(PE) cDNA library (left.fq and right.fq), which was generated from pooled equal quantities of total RNA from stem bast, stem stick, leaves, and roots, the assembled sequence data have been deposited at the NCBI Sequence Read Archive (SRA, under the accession number SRP060467 vide BioSamples SRS980707. For a sample sequencing data from stem bast (CK_JSB), the SRA files bearing with the accession number SRP060467 vide BioSamples SRS1047357 are deposited in NCBI