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Fig. 3

From: cChIP-seq: a robust small-scale method for investigation of histone modifications

Fig. 3

cChIP-seq for H3K4me1 on 10,000 cells in K562 cells. a Pearson’s correlation values heatmap for replicates of cChIP-seq on 10,000 cells and ENCODE data. b Venn diagram showing the number of unique and common regions enriched for H3K4me1 across cChIP-seq, Broad and SYDH datasets. c Heatmap representation of the signal intensity (RPKM input normalized) across the three datasets in a 4 kb window centered at all H3K4me1 enriched regions called in the three datasets (the entirety of peaks shown in 3b. d UCSC genome browser snapshot showing H3K4me1 signal (RPKM input normalized) for the three datasets at the integrin beta 3 (CD61) locus (chr17). R1: replicate 1; R2: replicate 2

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