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Table 2 The performance of Coal-Map and EIGENSTRAT based on area under receiver operating characteristic curve (AUROC) is compared using empirical mouse chromosomes and simulated traits

From: Mapping the genomic architecture of adaptive traits with interspecific introgressive origin: a coalescent-based approach

Chromosome Single-causal-locus Two-causal-loci
    Corrected    Corrected
  Coal-Map EIGENSTRAT q value Coal-Map EIGENSTRAT q value
7 0.964 0.928 <10−5 0.942 0.923 0.003
15 0.940 0.922 0.014 0.917 0.919 0.587
17 0.968 0.914 <10−5 0.942 0.904 1.610−5
  1. On the two mouse chromosomes with the greatest number of introgressed sites in our study - chromosomes 7 and 17 - Coal-Map’s performance was significantly better than EIGENSTRAT for both single-causal-locus and two-causal-loci traits (Delong et al. test [33] with Benjamini-Hochberg correction [65]; setwise α=0.05; n=20 for each test). We observed a reduced performance improvement on chromosome 15, which had relatively fewer introgressed sites: the improvement was weakly significant for single-causal-locus traits and not significant for two-causal-loci traits (using the same test)