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Fig. 5

From: Long read and single molecule DNA sequencing simplifies genome assembly and TAL effector gene analysis of Xanthomonas translucens

Fig. 5

Comparison of Type III effector repertories among four pathovars of X. translucens. Fifteen effectors (from HapH to XopAM), marked with gray color, are predicted to be conserved among undulosa, translucens and cerealis pathovars, while seventeen remaining effectors (from AvrBs1 to XopAP), marked with blue color, are shown to be variable among strains. Single copy of an effector is indicated by ‘+’ and multiple copies are indicated by multiple ‘+’. An effector that is not detected is indicated as ‘ND’. The frameshift mutation in an effector gene is marked with ‘F’ and highlighted with red box. The number of TAL effectors in each strain is predicted if a full genome or high quality draft genome available, or by Southern blot analysis. The blank indicates that the number of TAL effector genes is unknown

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