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Fig. 5

From: Type VI secretion systems of human gut Bacteroidales segregate into three genetic architectures, two of which are contained on mobile genetic elements

Fig. 5

Comparison of the ICEs containing GA1 and GA2 T6SS loci. tra genes (dark green) are adjacent to each of the T6SS loci and present in a consistent manner within an ICE of a genetic architecture. a For the GA1 ICE, the tra genes from left to right encode TraG (TIGR03783), TraK (TIGR03781), TraM (TIGR03779), TraN (TIGR03780), TraD (TIGR02759). b For GA2 containing ICE, the tra genes from left to right encode TraO (PF10626), TraN (TIGR03780), TraM (TIGR03779), TraK (TIGR03781), TraJ (TIGR03782), TrbJ (TIGR02780), TraG (TIGR03783), TraI (PRK13878), TraD (TIGR02759). The four CL02T12 isolates from the same microbiome are drawn using sequence with ambiguities corrected. An IS element interrupting the continuity in P. johnsonii CL02T12C29 is marked with an asterisk [23]. The ORF maps are colored according to the key provided in Fig. 1, except that tra genes are additionally colored dark green

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