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Table 6 Top five significant hits, if any, of selected Cmap queries across microarray platforms and species

From: Fish connectivity mapping: linking chemical stressors by their mechanisms of action-driven transcriptomic profiles

Signatures 1st match 2nd match 3rd match 4th match 5th match
  From ZF 21K to ZF 43K (p-value = 0.026; signature size average = 181, min = 15, max = 375)
EE2_30ngL_M_Brain_48hr.sig.500.IDswap LIN_Embryo PRO_F_Brain LIN_Embryo E2_M_Liver FLU_Ovary
EE2_30ngL_M_Liver_48hr.sig.500.IDswap E2_M_Liver RDX_fry RDX_fry RDX_fry PKC412_fish
EE2_30ngL_M_Testis_48hr.sig.500.IDswap GEN_Embryo BPA_Ovary BPA_Embryo BPA_Ovary DBT_Embryo
FLU_Ovary_48hr.sig.500.IDswap FLU_Embryo PKC412_fish BPA_Ovary PPL_Embryo RDX_fry
FLU_Testis_48hr.sig.500.IDswap LIN_Embryo LIN_Embryo FLU_F_Ovary PKC412_fish FLU_Embryo
PRO_F_Brain_48hr.sig.500.IDswap E2_M_Liver PRO_F_Brain GEN_Embryo FLU_Embryo PRO_Ovary
PRO_Ovary_48hr.sig.500.IDswap PRO_Ovary FLU_Ovary PRO_F_Brain   
PRO_Testis_48hr.sig.500.IDswap E2_M_Liver PRO_Ovary* PRO_F_Brain*   
  From ZF 43K to ZF 21K (p-value = 0.022; signature size average = 134, min = 5, max = 310)
E2_1uM_Embryo_4dpf.sig.500.IDswap EE2_Testis EE2_M_Liver TRB_F_Liver O2_Testis O2_Ovary
E2_5ugL_M_Liver_4hrs.sig.500.IDswap EE2_M_Liver TRB_F_Liver O2_Testis O2_Testis TCDD_Embryo
PRO_2mgL_Embryo_48hr.sig.500.IDswap DMB_Embryo tBHQ_Embryo TRB_F_Brain PRO_F_Brain EE2_M_Liver
  From ZF 21K to FHM 15K (p-value = 0.0076; signature size average = 124, min = 9, max = 257)
EE2_30ngL_Ovary_96hr.sig.500.IDswap FAD_Ovary EE2_M_Brain EE2_M_Brain*   
EE2_30ngL_M_Liver_48hr.sig.500.IDswap EE2_Liver RochDS_liver PHE_Liver RochUS_liver Stream_Liver
EE2_30ngL_Testis_48hr.sig.500.IDswap PFCs_Liver KTC_Ovary PFCs_High_Liver RochEFF_liver  
  From FHM 15K to ZF 21K (p- value = 0.022; signature size average = 110, min = 5, max = 272)
DES_100ngL_Liver_96h.sig.500.IDswap EE2_M_Liver DNP_Embryo DMB_Embryo TCDD_Embryo APM_Embryo
E2a_4ugL_M_Liver_14d.sig.500.IDswap EE2_M_Liver KET_F_Liver DNP_Embryo KET_M_Liver TRI_Ovary
EE2_25ngL_Liver_72h.sig.500.IDswap EE2_M_Liver KET_M_Liver KET_F_Liver TRB_F_Liver FLU_M_Testis
  From ZF 43K to FHM 15K (p-value = 0.0076; signature size average = 120, min = 6, max = 274)
E2_M_Liver_4hrs.sig.500.IDswap ElyEFF_liver ElyDS_liver PHE_Liver E2_M_Liver DES_Liver
GEN_Embryo_48hr.sig.500.IDswap PFCs_Blood KTC_Ovary BIF_Larvae E2_M_Liver PER_Larvae
  From FHM 15K to ZF 43K (p-value = 0.026; signature size average = 139, min = 5, max = 363)
DES_1ngL_Liver_96h.sig.500.IDswap E2_M_Liver     
E2_4ugL_M_Liver_14d.sig.500.IDswap E2_M_Liver PKC412_fish BPA_Embryo GEN_Embryo BPA_Embryo
EE2_25ngL_Liver_72h.sig.500.IDswap E2_M_Liver PKC412_fish LIN_Embryo BPA_Embryo BDE_Embryo
  1. Where similar signatures exist for a condition, only one of them is listed. ROGL hits are ranked by their adjusted connectivity scores and filtered by a p-value cutoff of 1/(number of sets of ROGLs). Informative connections, defined as a signature and one of its top five ROGL hits sharing the same or similar class of chemicals, are highlighted in bold. “*”, p-values slightly greater than the cutoffs