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Table 1 Composition of three different mixed breed training (reference) sets, and several validation sets chosen to represent different levels of relatedness to the training sets

From: Exploiting biological priors and sequence variants enhances QTL discovery and genomic prediction of complex traits

Training set: description Training set: total Training set: number per breed Validation sets: in order of decreasing relatedness to the Training set
“DANZ” bulls of Dutch, Aust & N. Zealand origin with real genotypes and real phenotypesa 8920 7371 Holstein
1438 Jersey
111 Aust. Red
1. 869 Red Holstein bulls
2. 655 Australian Red cows
“AUS” Australian bulls & cows with real genotypes and real phenotypesa 16,214 11,527 Holstein:
3049 bulls, 8478 cows.
4687 Jersey:
770 bulls, 3917 cows.
1. 869 Red Holstein bulls
2. 655 Aust. Red cows
“AUS-Sim” Subset of above AUS set, with real genotypes and simulated phenotypes 10,314 7991 Holstein
2323 Jersey
1. 262 Holstein bulls only
2. 3940 Holstein bulls & cows
3. 869 Red Holstein bulls
4. 885 Aust. Red bulls & cows
  1. aphenotypes were milk, protein and fat yield: in the case of bulls these are daughter averages from progeny test and all phenotypes were corrected for known fixed effects