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Table 3 Regulatory proteins significantly changing in their phosphorylation state. DNA binding proteins and kinases with a phosphorylation site detected in at least 2/3 biological replicates that significantly changes in abundance after controlling for global protein level (p < 0.05). Best BlastP hits for S. cerevisiae and N. crassa are shown

From: Multi-omics analysis reveals regulators of the response to nitrogen limitation in Yarrowia lipolytica

Changing phosphorylation sites Blast2GO annotation Change (Log2) p-value S. cerevisiae N. crassa
Gene Phosphorylated peptide Gene Symbol Gene Symbol
YALI0D27258g TSSIAQLSPTFSR component of the 4 histone acetyltransferase complex −2.25 0.00 YDR359C EAF1 NCU07863 vid21
YALI0E16731g STPIQTSQSPIQTR YALI0E16731p −1.11 0.03 - - - -
YALI0D18678g TRPASFSASSSASYLR c2h2 transcription factor −1.08 0.02 YML081W TDA9 NCU09496 -
YALI0E05489g GGAVPTFSDSPVRR and fes cip4 domain protein −0.68 0.00 YFL047W RGD2 NCU09537 -
YALI0A19778g VTGSPLVR apses transcription −0.63 0.00 YDL056W MBP1 NCU07246 div-11
YALI0E18656g ATTAFSPATAADFNYR c6 finger domain 1.45 0.00 YDR520C URC2 NCU01478 -
YALI0F11979g TVGSPEYGSLLSR rtg1p 2.08 0.00 YOL067C RTG1 NCU02724 -
YALI0F00572g DVSASPVFPK serine threonine-protein kinase ste20 −1.16 0.00 YHL007C STE20 NCU03894 stk-4
YALI0D07150g TSILTTPPPAGR protein kinase −0.87 0.00 YKL116C PRR1 NCU04143 stk-26
YALI0A00506g ASTSLLSLTR protein kinase −0.85 0.03 YBL009W ALK2 NCU00407 -
YALI0E06519g APAQPLAPTQAVQSPPR potential serine threonine-protein kinase hsl1 −0.85 0.00 YKL101W HSL1 NCU09064 stk-53
YALI0E06519g SYGSLLGSPVDAR potential serine threonine-protein kinase hsl1 −0.84 0.00 YKL101W HSL1 NCU09064 stk-53
YALI0A18590g QSLITGSQPLPSPLR serine protein kinase −0.50 0.01 YMR216C SKY1 NCU09202 mdk-2
YALI0C16665g VYTYIQSR protein kinase −0.49 0.00 YJL141C YAK1 NCU07872 prk-2
YALI0D07150g YFNGNSPPMASISR protein kinase −0.45 0.03 YKL116C PRR1 NCU04143 stk-26
YALI0D08822g LVSDSQIDR upstream serine threonine kinase for the snf1 complex −0.41 0.01 YER129W SAK1 NCU06177 camk-3
YALI0D20966g ILVPGEPNVSYICSR glycogen synthase kinase 0.25 0.02 YMR139W RIM11 NCU04185 gsk-3
YALI0A10230g SSITSTFSSSSNAIR likely protein kinase 0.26 0.03 YNL183C NPR1 NCU04335 stk-30
YALI0D08822g SSTITNGILQR upstream serine threonine kinase for the snf1 complex 0.29 0.00 YER129W SAK1 NCU06177 camk-3
YALI0E27632g SIDLLPNIR calcium calmodulin-dependent protein 0.76 0.00 YOL016C CMK2 NCU09123 camk-1
YALI0E26609g LNATPPPLPEPAAVAR casein kinase i 0.77 0.00 YNL154C YCK2 NCU04005 ck-1b
YALI0A10230g STSPVLNLAPHIQPGSGAEK likely protein kinase 1.06 0.00 YNL183C NPR1 NCU04335 stk-30
YALI0F27159g GVDSGAVNFESLR protein kinase 1.99 0.00 YJL057C IKS1 NCU08177 stk-51