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Fig. 1

From: Functional elucidation of the non-coding RNAs of Kluyveromyces marxianus in the exponential growth phase

Fig. 1

Genome-wide measurement of transcriptome during exponential growth phase. ae EE, ME, and LE indicate early-exponential (EE), mid-exponential (ME), and late-exponential (LE) growth phase, respectively. a K. marxianus growth curve in YNB-u medium. RNA collection points at exponential growth phase (EE, ME, and LE) are indicated by arrows. b Reads mapping fraction of the three experimental conditions against location relative to gene classes. c Heatmap of hierarchical clustering among the RNA-seq experiments of the two biological replicates of the three experimental conditions, which was carried out by DESeq with variance-stabilizing transformation function. d RNA-seq profile of example genomic region during cell growth. Data for each condition were normalized to RPM (reads per million reads) to make y-axes same scale

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