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Fig. 1

From: Smokescreen: a targeted genotyping array for addiction research

Fig. 1

Smokescreen coverage estimates by increasing observed imputation r 2 thresholds: genome-wide and addiction genes. Left panel: Genome-wide coverage. Right panel: Addiction genes coverage. Solid line: MAF ≥ 0.05. Dashed line: MAF ≥ 0.01. Red: EUR. Blue: YRI. Green: ASN. Observed imputation r 2 (obsRSQ) is the correlation between imputed (continuous) genotype dosage and the measured genotype from the 1000 Genomes Project. The proportion of 1000 Genome Project Phase 1 variants with an obsRSQ above the threshold on the x-axis is represented on the y-axis. The average obsRSQ differs by race/ethnicity and by array content categories (e.g., genome-wide versus addiction genes). The coverage (fraction of variants with obsRSQ above the threshold) decreases as the obsRSQ threshold increases. A typical threshold used in evaluating array coverage is 0.80

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