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Fig. 5

From: The major histocompatibility complex in Old World camelids and low polymorphism of its class II genes

Fig. 5

Variants identified from the genome re-sequencing of nine dromedaries in the a/b DQA gene exon 2, and c DRA gene exon 2. No results for the DQB and DRB genes are shown because no matches could be identified (DQB) or because no sequence reads were unambiguously aligned to a single region (DRB). The red box in the top section of each panel indicates the position along the scaffold. The bottom section of each panel shows the bases and gene annotated in the region. Images were created using IGV v2.3 (Robinson et al. 2011; Thorvaldsdóttir et al. 2013). All variants were identical to those identified using Sanger sequencing

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