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Table 1 Treatments used for RNA-Seq analysis of PTI suppression by physical domains of AvrPto

From: A novel method of transcriptome interpretation reveals a quantitative suppressive effect on tomato immune signaling by two domains in a single pathogen effector protein

Treatment Concentration Comment Average total reads (in millions) Average reads mapped (in percent)
Mock 10 mM MgCl2, 0.02 % silwet No bacteria 15.2 93.1
D29E pCPP45::avrPto OD600 0.02 Wild-type 15.6 93.6
D29E pCPP45::avrPto(I96A) OD600 0.02 Core domain (CD) inactivated 16.3 94.1
D29E pCPP45::avrPto(2xA)a OD600 0.02 C-terminal domain (CTD) inactivated 16.6 94.3
D29E pCPP45::avrPto(I96A, 2xA)a OD600 0.02 ‘CD/CTD 14.9 93.8
  1. a2xA represents the presence of both S147A and S149A