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Table 4 P-values of the SNPs assigned to the genes of the trio of TF (inside parentheses)

From: Genomic structure and marker-derived gene networks for growth and meat quality traits of Brazilian Nelore beef cattle

Trait BovineHD0500009454 (VDR) BovineHD1600024663 (LHX9) BovineHD1300009960 (ZEB1)
TCW 2.80E-02 3.66E-02 6.66E-04
DRE 4.21E-01 4.59E-02 1.96E-01
REA 1.24E-01 2.59E-02 2.21E-03
BFT 1.00E + 00 7.42E-01 9.05E-01
LM 9.15E-01 5.01E-02 1.84E-02
LF 4.67E-01 1.60E-01 4.41E-01
PH 1.23E-01 1.00E + 00 1.00E + 00
CLO 1.27E-01 6.16E-01 5.13E-01
  1. TCW, Kg Total Carcass Weight, DRE, % Dressing, REA, cm 2 Rib Eye Area, BFT, mm Back Fat Thickness, LM Lightness of Meat, LF Lightness of Fat, PH pH, CLO Cooking Loss