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Table 3 Genes that are differentially expressed during the transition from AP to BT in the mutant

From: A Colletotrichum graminicola mutant deficient in the establishment of biotrophy reveals early transcriptional events in the maize anthracnose disease interaction

Gene ID log2 fold-change Pfam Description PHI Hit Category
GLRG_00048 5.18 PF13489 Methyltransferase domain ChLae1 Cochliobolus heterostrophus  
GLRG_00795 8.16 PF00933 Glycosyl hydrolase family 3 N terminal domain TOM1 Septoria lycopersici Cazyme (GH3)
GLRG_01187 5.15 PF00067 Cytochrome P450 BcBOT1 (related CND5) Botrytis cinerea  
GLRG_01737 3.98 PF13848 Thioredoxin-like domain   
GLRG_03450 7.20 PF04628 Sedlin, N-terminal conserved regions   
GLRG_03485 8.14   Predicted small mitochondrial protein, unique to C. graminicola   
GLRG_04091 7.62 PF04389 Secreted aminopeptidase M28A   Secreted protease
GLRG_04432 5.06   Predicted plasma membrane protein PTH11 Magnaporthe oryzae  
GLRG_05524 5.32 PF00457 Glycosyl hydrolases family 11 XYL2 Cochliobolous carbonum Cazyme (GH11)
GLRG_06219 4.72 PF00246 Secreted Zinc carboxypeptidase M14A   Secreted protease
GLRG_06274 3.87 PF03443 Glycosyl hydrolase family 61 GzOB021 Gibberella zeae Cazyme (AA9)
GLRG_06286 3.67 PF05572 Pregnancy-associated plasma protein-A: secreted metalloprotease M43B MEP1 Coccidioides posadasii Secreted protease
GLRG_07653 4.99   Extracellular conserved hypothetical protein   
GLRG_08966 8.40 PF00331 Glycosyl hydrolase family 10 Endo-1,4-beta-xylanase M. oryzae PHI_2208 Cazyme (GH10-CBM1)
GLRG_08975 3.55 PF01738 Dienelactone hydrolase family   Conserved SSP
GLRG_09712 5.18 PF12695 Alpha/beta hydrolase family   Cazyme, (CE1). SM Cluster 22
GLRG_09714 7.40 PF00107 Zinc binding dehydrogenase   SM Cluster 22
GLRG_09807 7.70 PF00734 Fungal Cellulose Binding Domain FAED1 Gibberella zeae Cazyme, (CE1-CBM1)
GLRG_11440 4.59     Conserved SSP, cysteine rich
GLRG_11800 2.80 PF00330 Aconitase family (aconitase hydratase) LYSF Aspergillus fumigatus  
  1. All are more highly expressed during BT compared with AP. SM = secondary metabolism, SSP = small secreted protein