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Table 4 Pleiotropic QTL (pQTL) for three plant architecture traits in three environments

From: Genetic dissection of maize plant architecture with an ultra-high density bin map based on recombinant inbred lines

pQTLa Chr.b Flanking markerc Intervald (Mb) Physical lengthe (Mb) NO. of QTLs Integrated QTLs
pQTL1 1 mk271–mk295 91.00–111.70 20.7 4 qPH1-2, qEH1-1, qIN1
pQTL3 3 mk1278–mk1431 138.70–201.00 62.3 3 qEH3-2, qIN3-2
pQTL5 5 mk2302–mk2320 172.90–178.60 5.7 2 qPH5-2, qEH5
pQTL8-1 8 mk3401–mk3531 120.30–167.40 47.1 3 qEH8-2, qIN8-1
pQTL8-2 8 mk3510–mk3550 164.70–170.20 5.5 3 qPH8, qEH8-1
pQTL10 10 mk4012–mk4037 80.10–94.70 14.6 8 qPH10, qEH10, qIN10
  1. aThe pleiotropic QTL name
  2. bChr., chromosome
  3. cFlanking markers, the markers to the left and right of the QTL
  4. dInterval, confidence interval between two bin markers
  5. ePhysical length, interval between the two markers on the B73 genome