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Table 6 Pathway enrichment of breast cancer co-expressed genes

From: EPIG-Seq: extracting patterns and identifying co-expressed genes from RNA-Seq data

Pattern # # of Genes Enriched Pathways (example of co-expressed genes) p-value FDR
1 45 GO:0006260 - DNA replication (PCNA, TOP2A, S100A14) 1.10E-05 1.70E-02
2 182 GO:0006886 - Intracellular protein transport (ERBB3, PTMS, SLC25A5, SLC9A3R1, SOX4, STAT1) 1.1E-06 1.8E-03
3 9 BST2, C17orf37, CEACAM6, IFI27, IFI6, MX1, OAS3, RAB31, TPX2 - -
4 40 KEGG:03320 - Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor signaling pathway (TRIM29, PDK4, FOSB, CD36) 1.0E-04 9.1E-02
5 41 GO:0010033 - Response to organic substance (ANXA1, CD34, EGR1, FOS, TGFBR2) 1.3E-04 2.0E-01
6 27 GO:0006414 - Translation elongation (CD59, ITGB1, ribosomal protein genes) 2.80E-05 3.90E-02