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Fig. 6

From: CRISPRDetect: A flexible algorithm to define CRISPR arrays

Fig. 6

CRISPRDetect results on a genome browser. Genome feature format (gff) visualised in a genome browser (Artemis) [60]. This region has an array followed by an operon that includes some CRISPR associated genes. The figure shows a section of the RefSeq annotated version of Methanobrevibacter ruminantium genome [62]. The top line shows the annotation from the RefSeq file in GenBank (gbff) format. In the NCBI annotation pipeline the arrays are predicted by a combination of CRT and Piler-CR. These are annotated as a ‘repeat_region’s on the genome (light blue). The CRISPRDetect gff output file has been added to this annotation. Each repeat and spacer is shown in the indicated orientation

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