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Fig. 5

From: LOGIQA: a database dedicated to long-range genome interactions quality assessment

Fig. 5

Comparison of a variety of long-range chromatin interaction datasets in the context of the sequenced paired-end tags (PETs). (Center) Scatter-plot illustrating the global quality scores for several long-range chromatin interaction assays in the context of the associated PET counts. (Left and right panels) To highlight the power of discrimination provided by global QC scores, the indicated datasets, chosen to represent low (left panels; ~9M PETs - GSM811037 & GSM927076) and high (right panels; ~120 PETs – GSM1551563 & GSM1055801) filtered PET count conditions, are illustrated in a local context (the panels show the histone gene cluster on chromosome 6). Local interaction maps generated by LOGIQA are depicted in PET counts (top) or PET count dispersion (bottom; %δPETs retrieved after 70 % random PET sub-sampling). Filtered PETs correspond to the number of intra-chromosomal contacts spanning a minimal genome distance of 10 kb

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