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Table 3 Functions of differentially expressed CHC/C genes in Pectoralis major muscle

From: Thermal manipulation of the chicken embryo triggers differential gene expression in response to a later heat challenge

Biological pathways Differentially expressed genes between CHC and C P value
RNA metabolism and splicing 14, of which 7 common with TMHC/TM 3.80e-5, 1.13e-3
Vascularization and regulation of arterial pressure 7, of which 1 common with TMHC/TM 1.29e-3, 3.01 e-3
Stress response 25, of which 12 common with TMHC/TM 1.61e-3, 5.40e-3
Regulation of protein metabolism 6, of which 2 common with TMHC/TM 1.58e-3, 2.07e-3
Steroid hormone response 6, of which 1 common with TMHC/TM 3.84e-3
Metabolic regulation 56, of which 26 common with TMHC/TM 5.59e-3, 9.38e-3