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Table 3 Enrichment estimates (t-test) for top-scoring motifs

From: The expansion of heterochromatin blocks in rye reflects the co-amplification of tandem repeats and adjacent transposable elements

А. Top-scoring motifs in TE - pSc200 junctions, Logo
Motifs t-test, P*
Olivia Daniela
1 1.8E-04  
2 1.4E-09 1.3E-03
3 1.4E-09 7.6E-04
4 2.0E-07 3.6E-03
5 5.2E-13  
7 9.5E-04  
9 1.8E-09 4.8E-06
10 7.8E-06  
11 1.7E-08 1.4E-04
12 1.7E-05  
В. Top-scoring motifs in TE - pSc250 junctions, Logo
Motifs t-test, P*
Laura Xalas
2   3.8E-05
3   1.2E-04
6 1.3E-04  
7 1.9E-03 1.4E-03
8 1.0E-07 4.0E-03
9 8.8E-04 4.0E-03
10 4.0E-05 1.1E-09
11   2.6E-06
12 1.4E-09 1.6E-03
  1. Top-scoring motifs present in the (A) TE/pSc200 junctions, (В) TE/pSc250 junctions, Logo. *significance of enrichment was estimated by Fisher’s t-test as described in “Methods” the only statistically significant values are shown