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Table 1 Allele frequencies of rare SNPs in control E. coli “spike-in” DNA mixtures

From: High-specificity detection of rare alleles with Paired-End Low Error Sequencing (PELE-Seq)

Library Total read depth Allele frequency
1 38,000 0.0042
2 38,000 0.0025
3 71,000 0.0022
4 66,000 0.0020
  1. Four control “spike-in” DNA mixtures were created by serial dilution of one E. coli substrain (W3110) into another (Rel606). The libraries were PELE-sequenced to an average total read depth of 53,000× OPE. The rare alleles detected in the control libraries had average allele frequencies ranging from 0.20–0.42 % or 1/238-1/500 of total reads