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Table 2 Summary of PR gene families in the Theobroma cacao Criollo genome

From: Theobroma cacao L. pathogenesis-related gene tandem array members show diverse expression dynamics in response to pathogen colonization

Common name Conserved domain Number of loci in family Best BLASTp hit (E-value)
PR-1 CAP domain protein SCP (smart00198) 14 3.00E-53
PR-2 β-1,3-glucanase glyco hydro 17 (pfam00332) 43 7.00E-102
PR-3 Chitinase Class I, II, IV, VII chitinase glyco hydro 19 (cd00325) 11 3.00E-79
PR-4 Chitinase-Hevein-like barwin (pfam00967) 8 3.00E-49
PR-5 Thaumatin-like thaumatin (pfam00314) 30 5.00E-72
PR-6 Proteinase-inhibitor potato inhibitor family (pfam00280) 8 5.00E-11
PR-7 Endoproteinase PA subtilisin like (cd02120) 54 0
PR-8 Chitinase Class III GH18 hevamine XipI class III (cd02877) 14 2.00E-91
PR-9 Peroxidase secretory peroxidase (cd00693) 81 4.00E-113
PR-10 Ribonuclease-like Bet v1 (pfam00407) 23 3.00E-48
PR-11 Chitinase class V GH18 plant chitinase class v (cd02879) 11 3.00E-116
PR-12 Defensin gamma-thionin (pfam00304) 3 7.00E-10
PR-13 Thionin thionin (pfam00321) 0 NA
PR-14 Lipid-transfer Protein nsLTP1 (cd01960) 16 6.00E-19
PR-15 Germin/Oxalate Oxidase Two cupin 1 (pfam00190) domains 0 NA
PR-16 Germin-like/Oxalate Oxidase-like Two cupin 1 (pfam00190) domains 38 2.00E-52
PR-17 Unknown BSP (pfam04450) 5 7.00E-90
  Total 359 loci (38 unassembled)