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Fig. 3

From: VarElect: the phenotype-based variation prioritizer of the GeneCards Suite

Fig. 3

VarElect information display and indirect mode. a The query information section (top) displays the phenotype phrase, the fact that no direct hits were found and in a separate tab - the genes found in indirect mode. Links for un-hit genes and the entire submitted symbolized gene list are also provided. The latter may be reanalyzed by changing the phenotype phrase. b One of the implicated genes expanded to reveal its (top 5) implicating genes, along with their phenotype scores. c Implicating genes expanded to reveal two types of “MiniCards”. First - “Gene to Gene Relation”, i.e. evidence showing how the implicated gene TLN1 appears in the GeneCard for the implicating gene IL6. Second, “Gene to Phenotypes/Keywords Relation” show how the submitted phenotype keywords appear in different sections of the same implicating gene’s webcard. The provided external links enable further examination of the evidence in the source data itself

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