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Table 1 Comparative analysis for four diseases with additional phenotype interpretation tools

From: VarElect: the phenotype-based variation prioritizer of the GeneCards Suite

Target Gene VarElect Phenolyzer Exomiser Phevor (Omicia) Ingenuity
Direct Indirect Direct Indirect
TTC37 1   3 1 1 77  
MYBPC 1   2 1 1 1  
TLN1   1 0 19 12   58a
NDUFAF2 1   1 1 ND 10  
  1. All numbers indicate position in the prioritized list. For Ingenuity, numbers indicate the length of the unprioritized list in which the target gene appears. 0 = not detected; Direct = direct mode for VarElect, 0-hop for Ingenuity; Indirect = indirect mode for VarElect,> 0-hop for Ingenuity; a = 2-hop; ND not done for technical reasons. Diseases associated with the listed gene may be viewed in the “Clinical cases solved by VarElect” section