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Table 3 rs10553596-c allele is associated with lower CASP7 gene expression level

From: A loss of function variant in CASP7 protects against Alzheimer’s disease in homozygous APOE ε4 allele carriers

Tissue Reporter ID Effective allele eQTL P-value eQTL direction Sample size
Lung 100139172_TGI_at c 2.6e-44 1111
Prefrontal cortex 10023817180 c 1.5e-21 583
Visual cortex 10023817180 c 4.0e-11 409
Cerebellum 10023817180 c 5.7e-12 496
Liver 10023817180 c 2.1e-23 563
Omental fat 10023817180 c 2.6e-62 675
Subcutaneous fat 10023817180 c 1.6e-29 611
  1. Expressional QTLs (eQTLs) between rs10553596 and CASP7 expression level were reported in large tissue collections, including lung [40], brain regions [41], liver [42] and fat tissues [42]. In lung eQTL study, Affymetrix HU133 array was used; and in other eQTL studies, Agilent Human44K1.1 array were employed