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Table 3 Predictive abilities of GBLUP and emBayesB for three quantitative traits

From: Comparative analysis of the GBLUP, emBayesB, and GWAS algorithms to predict genetic values in large yellow croaker (Larimichthys crocea)

  Predictive ability (mean ± se)
  GBLUP emBayesB
Body weight 0.406 (0.020) 0.371 (0.020)
Body length 0.404 (0.017) 0.374 (0.013)
n-3HUFA 0.304 (0.042) 0.320 (0.032)
  1. Predictive ability was the correlation between GEBV and observed values in testing set. Training size was 400 for BW and BL, and 140 for n-3HUFA. The results were average of 20 replicates