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Table 2 Pathways that are enriched for the top ranked candidate genes for PD

From: Phenome-based gene discovery provides information about Parkinson’s disease drug targets

Pathway Description [33]
BIOCARTA_TRKA_PATHWAY Nerve growth factor receptor signaling pathway
BIOCARTA_SPRY_PATHWAY Regulation of cellular proliferation and differentiation
BIOCARTA_TFF_PATHWAY Epithelial repair
BIOCARTA_ARF_PATHWAY Tumor Suppressor that inhibits ribosomal biogenesis
BIOCARTA_LONGEVITY_PATHWAY Involving age related diseases like neurodegenerative disease
BIOCARTA_NGF_PATHWAY Nerve growth factor pathway
BIOCARTA_HER2_PATHWAY Mediated signaling of EGFR
BIOCARTA_BCELLSURVIVAL_PATHWAY Mediate the survival of B cells
BIOCARTA_CBL_PATHWAY Downregulate EGF receptors
BIOCARTA_CTCF_PATHWAY Induction of cell cycle arrest and apoptosis