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Table 5 Comparison of computational time on the simulation dataset with 100 individuals, STR mutation rate of 2.73 × 104, and read coverage of 40 × and the real dataset for HapMap JPT individuals

From: Short tandem repeat number estimation from paired-end reads for multiple individuals by considering coalescent tree

Method Computational time Computational time
  (simulation data) (real data)
CoalescentSTR (sampling) 13372.96 [s] 846.60 [s]
CoalescentSTR (estimation) 452.59 [s] 66.86 [s]
Basic Model 49.58 [s] 16.18 [s]
lobSTR 2.72 [s] 8.17 [s]
RepeatSeq 10.24 [s] 14.78 [s]
STRViper 407.03 [s] 83.45 [s]