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Table 2 Gene count, p-Value and q-Value for AP2/ERF genes participated in ethylene-mediated signalling (GO:0009873) among six clusters in both ethylene and water-deficit stress treatment

From: Exposure to various abscission-promoting treatments suggests substantial ERF subfamily transcription factors involvement in the regulation of cassava leaf abscission

Cluster Gene count p-Value q-Value
et1 16 9.41E-37 5.65E-36
et2 14 6.68E-34 2.00E-33
et3 5 6.12E-12 1.22E-11
et4 12 1.17E-27 8.22E-27
et5 8 7.41E-20 2.22E-19
et6 10 5.85E-22 4.68E-21
wd1 5 6.12E-12 1.22E-11
wd2 10 4.88E-24 9.75E-24
wd3 14 6.42E-32 3.21E-31
wd4 14 8.37E-35 6.70E-34
wd5 6 7.47E-14 4.48E-13
wd6 17 1.52E-40 1.22E-39