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Fig. 5

From: ISOexpresso: a web-based platform for isoform-level expression analysis in human cancer

Fig. 5

Isoform expression patterns that have been reported by previous studies. a The non-canonical major isoform (uc003dwv.1, blue) of CD47 is predominantly expressed in most of normal tissues compared to the canonical isoform (uc003dwt.1, lime). b FBLN2 (fibulin 2) exhibits switching of the major isoform (uc011ava.2, blue and uc011avb.2, cyan) between normal and tumor tissues. c Differential expression patterns of CD44 isoforms is shown across tissues, where one of the isoforms (uc001mvv.3, uc001mvw.3, or uc001mvx.3) is highly expressed as a major type in each tissue. In addition, major isoform switching during tumorigenesis was also found as represented by red asterisks

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