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Fig. 3

From: OGS2: genome re-annotation of the jewel wasp Nasonia vitripennis

Fig. 3

Alternate spliced, expressed introns for gene longitudinalis lacking (lola) in Apis (blue) and Nasonia (red). Graph shows intron spans from a common hub exon, in bases on their genomes. The observed 181 introns in Nasonia cover 325 kilobases (kbp), and up to 200 kbp in the 58 observed introns in Apis. These are regularly spaced 1400 bases apart, related by divergent 3′ exons (one or two) of 500 to 900 bp, which produce different coding sequences and protein isoforms. The tiny blue and red bars at top of figure are short introns that join pairs of 3′ end exons in lola gene span. Introns are displayed in size order (y axis), but for a plotting mistake at Apis long end

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