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Table 4 The Tat translocation system in Streptomyces (TC 2.A.64)

From: Genomic data mining reveals a rich repertoire of transport proteins in Streptomyces

Species tatA1 tatA2 tatA3 tatB1 tatB2 tatC1 tatC2
SACTE SACTE_1063 SACTE_6092 SACTE_3032 SACTE_4381   SACTE_1062  
SAV SAV_6692    SAV_3114   SAV_6693  
SBI SBI_08493    SBI_04079   SBI_08494  
SCAB SCAB_73591    SCAB_31121   SCAB_73601  
SCAT SCAT_3206 SCAT_2668 SCAT_4914 SCAT_4007   SCAT_5184  
SCO SCO1633 SCO3768   SCO5150   SCO1632  
SFLA Sfla_5203 Sfla_0514 Sfla_5510 Sfla_5507 Sfla_2146 Sfla_5204  
SGR SGR_5870 SGR_6484 SGR_340 SGR_2375   SGR_5871  
SHJG SHJG_2368 SHJG_3070 SHJG_0499 SHJG_6250   SHJG_2367 SHJG_3069
STRVI Strvi_6639 Strvi_3352   Strvi_1468   Strvi_6638  
SVEN SVEN_1225    SVEN_4796   SVEN_1224