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Fig. 5

From: An integrative genomics approach for identifying novel functional consequences of PBRM1 truncated mutations in clear cell renal cell carcinoma (ccRCC)

Fig. 5

PBRM1 mutation specific, up-regulated and down-regulated co-expression network. Highly co-expressed genes in PBRM1 mutated groups were mapped into a protein-protein interaction network from PINA2, as reference network. 128 up-regulated genes and 33 hyper-down (hyper-methylated and down-regulated) genes were mapped into the reference network, as up-regulated co-expression network (a) and down-regulated core co-expression network. b In down-regulated core co-expression network, only first neighbors of 33 hyper-down genes in down-regulated genes were kept in network. In both networks, only genes with degree above there were kept for better version

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