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Table 1 The statistics of peptide database

From: A method for identifying discriminative isoform-specific peptides for clinical proteomics application

Peptide Type Number of Peptides E_E Type Number of Peptides
EXON_KB 208269 Normal E_E 367956
E_E_KB 222731 Skipping E_E 3963972
E_E_TH 4109197 Peptide Length (aa)  
E_I_TH 413761 Longest Exon 6057
I_E_TH 106864 Average Exon 48
   Longest Junction 140
Total 5060822 Average Junction 64
  1. Among the total 5060822 peptides, intron-exon junctions account for the largest proportion, and theoretical exon-exon junctions the smallest proportion. Majority of exon-exon junctions are normal, while the minority are exon skipping. The average lengths are 64 and 48, for junction and exon, respectively. The maximum of length are 140 and 6057, for junction and exon, respectively. The peptide types are exon region (EXON_KB), annotated exon-exon junctions (E_E_KB), hypothetical exon-exon junctions (E_E_TH), hypothetical exon-intron junctions (E_I_TH), and hypothetical intron-exon junctions (I_E_TH)