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Table 8 Amino acid changes associated with host adaptation

From: Identification of combinatorial host-specific signatures with a potential to affect host adaptation in influenza A H1N1 and H3N2 subtypes

H1N1 H3N2
Protein Position Avian Human Protein Position Avian Human
HA 6 F V HA 78 R E
NA 46 P T NA 30 A I
  74 L V   40 N Y
NP 100 R I,V   44 I S
NS1 6 I M NP 16 G D
NEP 6 I M PA-X 28 P L
PB1-F2 58 L - PA 28 P L
PB2 588 A I   57 R Q
     PB2 9 D N
      64 M T