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Table 7 IRE-regulated genes supported by a single ortholog with putative IRE-mechanism of regulation

From: Computational characterization of Iron metabolism in the Tsetse disease vector, Glossina morsitans: IRE stem-loops

G. morsitans ID Orthologs Gene Name
GMOY000103 GPAI010329 Lysozyme
GMOY000519 GAUT036378 Nuclear pore complex protein
GMOY001007 FBgn0034396 Kelch-like protein diablo
GMOY001576 FBgn0015278 Phosphoinositide3-kinase
GMOY002082 GPAI012017 Zinc finger protein2
GMOY002199 MDOA001720 Elongation factor1 alpha
GMOY002247 AGAP028539 GH20979
GMOY002470 GBRI013281 Importin9
GMOY002504 GFUI013783 DNA polymerase epsilon
GMOY002505 GFUI013765 ATP synthase subunit cf6
GMOY002713 GPPI004271 Spire
GMOY002753 GPPI009339 Serine-rich adhesin for platelets-like
GMOY003115 GAUT029025 Arp 23 complex subunit arpc5
GMOY003531 GAUT027886 ATP-dependent RNA helicase dhx 36-like
GMOY003645 GBRI002560 Tetraspanin42
GMOY003945 GPAI002313 Insulin-like peptide 1
GMOY004163 FBgn0260777 Nmda receptor glutamate-binding chain
GMOY004507 GPAI006744 Saccharopine dehydrogenase domain-containing protein
GMOY005027 FBgn0031888 Probable serine/threonine-protein kinase
GMOY005042 AGAP000675 Hypothetical conserved protein
GMOY005248 FBgn0040726 Defective proboscisextension response
GMOY005401 GAUT045141 Hypothetical conserved protein
GMOY005444 GPAI022424 GH23986
GMOY005485 FBgn0014127 Barren
GMOY005887 GBRI011291 Nucleosome remodeling factor - isoform a
GMOY006156 FBgn0034418 CG15118
GMOY006990 MDOA011437 Hypothetical conserved protein
GMOY006996 FBgn0036882 150 Kda dynein-associated polypeptide
GMOY007017 GFUI040511 Ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme9
GMOY008376 GAUT051004 GG21264
GMOY009258 GBRI017686 Brain chitinase and chia
GMOY010325 FBgn0052062 Ataxin-2 binding protein
GMOY010911 GPAI043869 Pentatricopeptide
GMOY011040 GPAI043262 UBX domain-containing protein 7
GMOY011151 AGAP003983 GF18386
GMOY011465 FBgn0038532 Zinc finger protein 106
GMOY000812 AALF015524 Glucose-methanol-choline oxidoreductase
GMOY002244 AATE008428 f-box protein
GMOY002975 AEPI008885 beta-carotene dioxygenase
GMOY004236 ASIS018672 acylphosphatase
GMOY004532 AATE002806 20s proteasome regulatory subunit beta type
GMOY004737 AALF022793 ring-box protein2
GMOY006264 ISCW017255 LIM domain protein
GMOY006321 AAEL001635 gamma-tubulin ring complex
GMOY007780 SCAU003198 rhomboid
GMOY011965 AAEL017516 60s ribosomal protein l23
  1. The following species were identified to share IRE-signatures with Glossina morsitans genes, namely: D. melanogaster (FBgn), M. domestica (MDOA), A. gambiae (AGAP), A. atroparvus (AATE), A. albimanus (AALB), A. coluzzii (ACOM), A. merus (AMEM), A. minimus (AMIN), A. farauti (AFAF), A. sinensis (ASIS), A. stephensi (ASTE), A. aegypti (AAEL), A. albopictus (AALF) G. austeni (GAUT), G. brevipalpi (GBRI), G. fuscipes (GFUI), G. palidipes (GPAI), G. palpalis (GPPI), S. calcitrans (SCAU)