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Table 1 Genomic inflation factors calculated for GRMD biomarkers. The biomarkers that are the most robust against stratification are shaded

From: Genome-wide association study to identify potential genetic modifiers in a canine model for Duchenne muscular dystrophy

λ Biomarker
1.26 TTJ Tetanic flexion (N/kg)
1 TTJ Tetanic extension (N/kg)
1 TJA (degrees)
1.01 Percent eccentric contraction decrement (at 10 stimulations)
1 Percent eccentric contraction decrement (at 30 stimulations)
1 Maximum hip flexion angle
1 Pelvic angle
1.14 Cranial sartorius circumference (mm/kg)
1.23 Quadriceps femoris weight (g)
1.05 Quadriceps femoris weight (g/kg body weight)
1.38 Body weight at birth (kg)
1.53 Body weight at age 1 month (kg)
1.99 Percent body weight gain: birth-1 month
1 Body weight at age 6 months (kg)
1 Percent body weight gain: birth-6 months
1.22 Body weight (kg) at age 12 months
1.5 Percent body weight gain: birth-12 months