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Table 1 List of metagenomic fosmid and their enzymatic activities highlighted by functional screening. GH’s listed have been included in the chip and the bold GH’s were detected on the CAZyChip

From: CAZyChip: dynamic assessment of exploration of glycoside hydrolases in microbial ecosystems

Name Ecosystems Structure of the carbohydrate compounds used for screening GHs present on the CAZyCHip
Cor428 Termite gut N. corniger Arabinofuranosidase GH88, GH2
Cor435 Termite gut N. corniger Arabinofuranosidase GH51
Cor438 Termite gut N. corniger Cellobiohydrolase GH94
Cor1 Termite gut N. corniger Arabinanase and Xylanase GH5 (1), GH5(2), GH30, GH74(1), GH74 (2)
Cor29 Termite gut N. corniger Cellulase and Mannanase GH11
Cor357 Termite gut N. corniger Xyloglucanase and Cellulase GH5, GH94
Cor2 Termite gut N. corniger Arabinanase GH30, GH5
Cor28 Termite gut N. corniger Mannanase GH31, GH74, GH43, GH95, GH42
Cor367 Termite gut N. corniger Xylosidase GH43, CE1 (1), GH120, CE1 (2)
Pon12_1 Earth worm gut P. corethruru Cellobiohydrolase GH Hyp
Pon12_2 Earth worm gut P. corethruru β-glucanase GH37
MiliH4 Termite gut P. militaris Xylanase GH13
Pon13_1 Earth worm gut P. corethruru Xylosidase GH10, GH3 (1), GH115, GH67, GH3(2)
His28 Termite gut T.hispaniolae Arabinofuranosidase, Cellulase, Xyloglucanase, β-glucanase GH1, GH51(1), GH127, GH51 (2)
His52 Termite gut T.hispaniolae Cellulase GH27, GH9
His101 Termite gut T.hispaniolae Xylosidase GH23
His124 Termite gut T.hispaniolae Xylosidase, Cellulase GH112, GH29
Hum4 Human feces β-glucanase GH5, GH19
Hum5 Human feces β-glucanase GH Hyp, GH16, GH3(1), GH3(2), GH3 (3), GH97
Hum10 Human feces β-glucanase GH3 (1), GH3 (2), GH5 (1), GH5 (2), GH8, GH94, GH97
Hum15 Human feces Xylanase CE15-GH8, CE6-GH95, GH10, GH115, GH31, GH43(1), GH43 (2), GH43-CE1, GH97
Rum14O19 Cow rumen Mannanase GH26, GH28, GH63, GH43, GH4
Rum33M21 Cow rumen β-glucanase GH5, GH42
  1. Bold data correspond to GHs detected with the cazychip