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Table 1 Assembly and annotation of Spartina alterniflora transcriptome

From: Transcriptome analysis of smooth cordgrass (Spartina alterniflora Loisel), a monocot halophyte, reveals candidate genes involved in its adaptation to salinity

Parameter Statistics
Number of raw reads 770,690
Number of reads in leaf tissue 459,819
Number of reads in root tissue 310,871
Total span of reads 249.59 Mbp
Average length of reads ~324 bp
Number of Unigenes (50 bp or greater) 273,460
Number of Contigs (50 bp or greater) 73,131
Large Contigs (500 bp or greater) 35,519
Large Unigenes(500 bp or greater) 39,682
Number of Singletons (50 bp or greater) 200,329
Number of Unigenes (Leaf Control) 73,552
Number of Unigenes(Leaf Stress) 68,346
Number of Unigenes (Root Control) 72,199
Number of Unigenes (Root Stress) 59,363
Total span of Contigs 42.19 Mbp
Total Span of Singletons 63.29 Mbp
Transcriptome Size 105.48 Mbp
N50 length 52.74 Mbp
N50 Value 317 bp
N90 length 94.93 Mbp
N90 Value 255 bp
Longest Unigene 6.46 Kb
Smallest Unigene 51 bp
Mean length of Unigenes ~386 bp
GC content (%) 51.46
Unigenes with significant hit (%) 187,571 (68.59 %)
Unigenes with unknown functions 9,684 (5.16 %)
Unigenes having unique protein annotation 47,960 (25.56 %)