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Table 3 Transcripts with significantly different expression across multiple types of stress

From: The green ash transcriptome and identification of genes responding to abiotic and biotic stresses

Stressors Increased or decreased expression Total overlaps
Heat/Cold/EAB Increased 11
Heat/Cold/Ozone Increased 1
Heat/MW5hr/Ozone Increased 1
Cold/MW5hr/EAB Increased 3
Cold/EAB/Ozone Increased 54
MW5hr/MW24hr/EAB Increased 1
MW24hr/EAB/Ozone Increased 1
Heat/Drought/Cold Decreased 4
Heat/Drought/EAB Decreased 5
Heat/Cold/EAB Decreased 19
Heat/Cold/Ozone Decreased 4
Heat/MW5hr/Ozone Decreased 1
Heat/MW24hr/EAB Decreased 2
Heat/MW24hr/Ozone Decreased 1
Heat/EA/Ozone Decreased 7
Drought/Cold/EAB Decreased 1
Cold/EAB/Ozone Decreased 2
MW5hr/MW24hr/EAB Decreased 5
MW5hr/MW24hr/Ozone Decreased 6
Heat/Drought/Cold/EAB* Decreased 1
Heat/Cold/EAB/Ozone* Decreased 1
  1. For two genes, a decrease in expression under stress was found in four of the seven experiments (*). A set of 151 PUTs were identified as significantly differentially expressed in three of the seven experiments; 72 were more expressed under stress while 59 were less expressed under stress