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Table 3 The power comparison of SKAT, SKAT-O, and AP-SKAT aimed at testing the association between randomly selected 5 kb regions and continuous traits under the effect size = 1.2

From: AP-SKAT: highly-efficient genome-wide rare variant association test

  10−2 10−3 10−4 10−2 10−3 10−4 10−2 10−3 10−4
250 1.01E-1 2.72E-2 7.04E-3 1.01E-1 2.75E-2 7.11E-3 1.03E-1 2.73E-2 7.42E-3
500 2.57E-1 1.04E-1 3.90E-2 2.59E-1 1.05E-1 3.94E-2 2.64E-1 1.06E-1 4.13E-2
750 4.16E-1 2.32E-1 1.07E-1 4.19E-1 2.34E-1 1.09E-1 4.21E-1 2.33E-1 1.12E-1
1000 5.06E-1 3.64E-1 2.18E-1 5.07E-1 3.64E-1 2.20E-1 5.11E-1 3.63E-1 2.18E-1
1250 5.79E-1 4.62E-1 3.36E-1 5.81E-1 4.64E-1 3.39E-1 5.83E-1 4.62E-1 3.37E-1
1500 6.68E-1 5.01E-1 4.29E-1 6.66E-1 5.01E-1 4.32E-1 6.72E-1 5.02E-1 4.28E-1