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Table 1 Fragment of data on species, family, order and year sequenced

From: Economic importance, taxonomic representation and scientific priority as drivers of genome sequencing projects

Species Common Name Family Order Year
Azadirachta indica Neem Meliaceae Sapindales 2012
Beta vulgaris Sugar Beet Amaranthaceae Caryophyllales 2014
Betula nana Alpine Birch Betulaceae Fagales 2013
Brachypodium distachyon Brachypodium Poaceae Poales 2010
Brassica napus Rape Brassicaceae Brassicales 2003
Brassica oleracea Cabbage/Cauliflower Brassicaceae Brassicales 2011
Brassica rapa Field Mustard Brassicaceae Brassicales 2011
Cajanus cajan Pigeon Pea Fabaceae Fabales 2011
Camelina sativa False Flax Brassicaceae Brassicales 2013
Cannabis sativa Hemp Cannabaceae Rosales 2011
Capsella rubella Caspella Brassicaceae Brassicales 2013
Capsicum annuum Cayenne Pepper Solanaceae Solanales 2014
Carica papaya Papaya Caricaceae Brassicales 2008
Carthamus tinctorius Safflower Asteraceae Asterales 2016
Castanea mollissima Chinese Chestnut Fagaceae Fagales 2011
Catharanthus roseus Madagascar Periwinkle Apocynaceae Gentianales 2013