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Table 2 Summary of de novo assembly of transcriptome

From: De novo assembly and transcriptome characterization of spruce dwarf mistletoe Arceuthobium sichuanense uncovers gene expression profiling associated with plant development

  Transcripts Unigenes
Total number 331,347 226,687
Average length (bp) 691 533
Minimum length (bp) 201 201
Maximum length (bp) 24,940 24,940
Number, ≤500 bp 201,559 164,554
Number, >500 bp 129,788 62,133
N50a (bp) 1098 690
N90b (bp) 273 237
Total nucleotides 228,836,465 120,878,370
  1. aN50 is defined as the length of the largest contig from all the contigs ranked smallest to largest that represents 50 % of the assembly lengthy
  2. bN90 is defined as the length of the smallest transcript in the sorted list of all transcripts where the cumulative length from the largest transcript to the smallest transcript is at least 90 % of the total length