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Table 5 Gene Ontology (GO)-biological process (BP) term enrichment for acute kidney injury (AKI)-relevant gene seta

From: Mining kidney toxicogenomic data by using gene co-expression modules

Pathway log10 p-value
Immune response −5.01
Defense response −4.47
Response to virus −4.02
Immune system process −3.57
Response to external stimulus −3.57
Response to stimulus −3.57
Response to biotic stimulus −3.50
Multi-organism process −3.35
Response to cytokine −3.32
Regulation of viral process −3.17
Response to interferon-beta −2.89
Response to organic substance −2.79
Viral genome replication −2.74
Single-organism process −2.74
Response to chemical −2.67
Regulation of symbiosis −2.48
Cellular response to interferon-beta −2.41
Response to interferon-alpha −2.39
Glutathione metabolic process −2.89
Nucleobase-containing small molecule metabolic process −2.08
Positive regulation of cell-killing −2.43
Cell-killing −2.12
  1. aEnriched GO-BP terms were clustered and summarized by using REVIGO webserver [45]