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Table 5 Effect of grain color (GC) that was evaluated in the field at Enid, OK in 2010 (2010Enid) and the greenhouse at Manhattan KS 2011 (2011F_GH) on pre-harvest sprouting (PHS) resistance evaluated in four greenhouse experiments (GH_experiments) conducted in Manhattan, KS, and four field experiments conducted in Manhattan (MH) and Hays, KS in 2013 and 2014, respectively

From: Genome-wide association analysis on pre-harvest sprouting resistance and grain color in U.S. winter wheat

Experiments 2010Enid (GC) 2011F_GH (GC)
p R 2 (%)a p R 2 (%)a
GH_experiments (PHS) NS - NS -
2013MH (PHS) <2e-16 43.7 <2e-16 44.5
2013Hays (PHS) <2e-16 42.9 <2e-16 43.6
2014MH (PHS) 1.27E-10 26.3 3.13E-11 27.5
2014Hays (PHS) 1.13E-15 35.6 3.41E-15 34.8
Field_BLUP b(PHS) <2e-16 43.9 <2e-16 44.1
  1. aPhenotypic variance explained by grain color in each PHS experiment, which is derived from the analysis of variance (ANOVA) where grain color (GC) was used as the explanatory variable and pre-harvest sprouting (PHS) resistance as the response variable
  2. bField_BLUP = Best Linear Unbiased Predictions calculated from all four field experiment