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Table 2 Functional enrichment analysis of close neighbors (TOM > 0.01) of hub genes with no functional annotation in CGCNa

From: Large-scale gene co-expression network as a source of functional annotation for cattle genes

Gene # Top BP GO term p-valueb Top Reactome pathway p-valuec
LOC509513 1 T cell activation 1.58E-20 Adaptive Immune System 1.04E-21
2 T cell aggregation 1.58E-20 Immunoregulatory interactions between a Lymphoid and a non-Lymphoid cell 3.55E-19
3 lymphocyte aggregation 1.84E-20 Immune System 7.66E-19
LOC100848208 1 RNA processing 8.95E-07 Mitochondrial translation elongation 2.12E-08
2 mRNA metabolic process 1.87E-04 Mitochondrial translation termination 2.12E-08
3 mitochondrial translation 2.18E-04 Mitochondrial translation 2.50E-08
LOC100850151 1 RNA processing 3.82E-15 Cell Cycle 8.78E-11
2 mRNA processing 6.36E-11 Processing of Capped Intron-Containing Pre-mRNA 3.91E-10
3 mRNA metabolic process 1.56E-10 Cell Cycle, Mitotic 2.79E-08
MGC137211 1 carboxylic acid metabolic process 1.32E-41 Metabolism 4.96E-41
2 monocarboxylic acid metabolic process 1.05E-23 Biological oxidations 2.20E-18
3 alpha-amino acid metabolic process 6.84E-20 Metabolism of lipids and lipoproteins 3.72E-18
  1. aJust three top over-represented biological process (BP) and Reactome pathways are listed, More information related to these hubs and other un-known genes in the network are provided in Additional file 6: Table S5
  2. b,cThe p-value indicated the probability that a module contains equal or larger number of genes associated with the GO term under a hypergeometric distribution after Bonferroni step-down correction