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Fig. 5

From: Co-expression network analysis of duplicate genes in maize (Zea mays L.) reveals no subgenome bias

Fig. 5

Co-expression divergence patterns for two duplicate pairs of well-known functional genes. (A) The Kn1 duplicate pair of GRMZM2G017087 (Kn1) and GRMZM2G303381 showed the co-expression type IV pattern. (B) The Rs1 duplicate pair of GRMZM2G028041 (Rs1) and GRMZM2G452178 showed co-expression type II variation. Red indicates the gene is from subgenome maize1, while blue indicates that the gene is from subgenome maize2. Grey means the gene could be anchored on either subgenome. Only genes anchored distinctly to maize1 or maize2 were used to quantify the level of inter- and intra- subgenome correlations

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