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Table 1 The publically available data employed for the comparative miRNomes and transcriptomes analyses in this study

From: Blood miRNomes and transcriptomes reveal novel longevity mechanisms in the long-lived bat, Myotis myotis

  Comparative miRNomes Comparative transcriptomes
Species Individual Library Data source Species Individual Library Data source
Bat (NInd = 2, NLib = 6) B1 Bat1 this study Bat (NInd = 2, NLib = 4) B1   Huang, et al.
Bat2a Bat1a
Bat3a Bat2a
B2 Bat4 B2  
Bat5a Bat3a
Bat6a Bat4a
Pig (NInd = 3, NLib = 3) P1 Pig1a Bao, et al. Pig (NInd = 3, NLib = 3) P1 Pig1a Bao, et al.
P2 Pig2a P2 Pig2a
P3 Pig3a P3 Pig3a
Cow (NInd = 3, NLib = 3) C1 Cow1 Bao, et al. Cow (NInd = 3, NLib = 1) C1 Cow1b Bao, et al.
C2 Cow2 C2
C3 Cow3 C3
Human (NInd = 6, NLib = 6) H1 Human1 Leidinger, et al. Human (NInd = 6, NLib = 6) H7 Human1 Memczak, et al.
H2 Human2 H8 Human2
H3 Human3 H9 Human3
H4 Human4 H10 Human4
H5 Human5 H11 Human5
H6 Human6 H12 Human6
  1. a in each line indicates miRNome and transcriptome libraries were generated from the same individual
  2. b indicates cow transcriptome was pooled from three individual libraries for sequencing